Our vision

Natimpact, further in the organic field.

Our mission :

Contribute to improving the environmental and societal impact of the French agri-food chain.

How ?

By bringing together entrepreneurs in the sustainable food industry who wish to accelerate their growth by combining economic success and CSR impact.

— Pooling and accelerating the development of the organic sector

Natimpact’s ambition is to create a federation of autonomous SMEs in the organic food industry and to support their growth, particularly by pooling and strengthening their sales team. However, the group’s objective is not limited to simply increasing the proportion of organic products in its activities. Natimpact’s desire is to go even further in order to combine individual well-being, the social and environmental dimension of the company and benevolence towards our employees and our agricultural partners.

Every year, more and more French consumers are turning to organic products. Cultivated surfaces and the number of organic farms are constantly increasing. However, nearly a third of the organic products sold in France are imported and more than half are sold in supermarkets.

— A sustainable and responsible commitment

The Natimpact project aims to develop, upstream, a local supply whenever possible and, downstream, a selective distribution promoting quality products. This is a long-term approach based on a long-term commitment to producers, ensuring them fair remuneration and real support.

To be sustainable, the project must be economically viable. Natimpact is targeting a turnover of 50 to 100 M€ by 2025, with a profitability that will allow the group to proceed with new acquisitions, in order to consolidate this federation of autonomous SMEs in the organic and sustainable food industry.