Our vision

Natimpact, further in the organic field.

Our mission :

Contribute to improving the environmental and societal impact of the French agri-food chain.

How ?

By bringing together entrepreneurs in the sustainable food industry who wish to accelerate their growth by combining economic success and CSR impact.

— Pooling and accelerating the development of the organic sector

Natimpact is a federation of independent SMEs in the organic food sector, pooling their commercial resources to accelerate their growth. Our ambition is to increase the proportion of organic, local and fair trade produce in our offer, while improving the social and environmental impact of our activities, in a spirit of goodwill towards our employees and farming partners.

— A sustainable and responsible commitment

The Natimpact project aims to develop, upstream, local sourcing wherever possible and/or fair trade for imported products, and downstream, selective distribution to promote quality products. This long-term approach is based on a long-term commitment to our producers, guaranteeing them fair remuneration and real support.

To be sustainable, the project must be economically viable. The group, which has 150 employees, will achieve sales of over €40 million in 2023, with a target of €50 million by 2026, with the aim of consolidating this federation of independent SMEs in the organic and sustainable food sector.