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Organic and gourmet jam

— History of Naturgie

In the heart of the Aquitaine orchards, in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Pierre Chabrié created a jam factory directly inspired by the culinary and gastronomic talent of the South-West, in the early 1960s.

In 2005, a local man, Jean Verdier, who wanted to preserve the culture of his region, took over the company after having founded Naturgie 30 years earlier. While respecting tradition, he wants to continue to offer the best of fruit through quality and innovative organic products.

In 2019, Naturgie was acquired by Natimpact, now owned by Triodos and Crédit Agricole Regional investment funds, Frédéric Grunblatt and Marlène Castan, and Didier Suberbielle, the group’ s chairman. Natimpact’s objective is to create a federation of autonomous organic companies to contribute to the improvement of the environmental and societal impact of the agri-food chain.

In 2020, Frédéric Terrisson joined the venture as the group’s managing director.

Creation of the activity by Pierre Chabrié, Plum grower from Lot-Et-Garonne
Pioneer in the exploitation of the low temperature vacuum cooking process
Creation of recipes with no added sugar and 100% fruit
First organic productions
Launch of Saveurs Attitudes
Creation of a chocolate workshop within the company
Awarded the SIAL INNOVATION prize
Creation of the Saveurs Attitudes "Gourmet" range
Celebrating 30 years of Naturgie
Obtaining the Bioentreprisedurable® label
Natimpact acquires Naturgie
Launch of the ranges of jams and fruit preparations from France
Change of brand to Saveurs & Fruits Launch of the range of less sweetened jams

Naturgie is a story, it is an irrepressible desire to undertake with women and men, it is the will to put on the market the best possible products, it is also a group with a strong culture that relies on strong values such as innovation, creativity, nature protection, a job well done, and the respect due to every person.

— Expertise
Organic quality and taste!

Based on deep convictions of quality and taste, Naturgie offers more than fifty organic products: jams, specialties, 100% fruit preparations, jams & chutneys, purees, cheese jams…

Our manufacturing workshop

For several years, we have been using a slow vacuum cooking method at low temperature which allows us to preserve a better organoleptic quality of the fruit (texture, flavours and colors) as well as the presence of chunks.

Rigorous quality control

As soon as they are received, the raw materials are checked and analyzed by the quality department. Throughout the manufacturing process, Naturgie ensures a rigorous quality control. All products are tasted before being marketed. On the finished products, our laboratory carries out the quality and taste controls… before the marketing of our products on the same line.

— Organic and gourmet products

Resulting from a long fruit tradition, Naturgie has placed its love of fruit at the service of taste, organic and nutrition.

Today, with a wide range of organic and gourmet products, the company has acquired a real innovative expertise. This expertise, rewarded in 2021 by the Best Organic Product award, has only one goal: to reveal the best of what nature offers us.



Uncompromising taste

Naturgie has focused its R&D on preserving the essence of raw materials and fruit in particular. Thanks to an exclusive process, low temperature vacuum cooking, Naturgie guarantees authentic textures, flavors and colors for all its products.


A pioneer in the field

Very attached to the organic culture, Jean Verdier, President of Naturgie, engaged in the Organic since 1978, distributed organic and natural products even before the implementation of the regulation. Naturgie has kept this pioneering and committed spirit. The company has thus been able to develop trustworthy partnerships with farmers who respect the commitments of organic farming. Faithful to its values, it is now committed to sustainable development, a local presence in the Lot-et-Garonne and 100% French production.


For food lovers looking for balance

It all started because the founder was diabetic himself. The company was the initiator of products with controlled carbohydrate (fructose) content: fruit preparations with “no added sugar” and “100% fruit-based”. Naturgie has been working with nutritionists to develop products that fit into a healthy lifestyle or low-sugar diet.

— Our CSR commitment
Social and environmental commitment

SYNABIO-logo-01-600x629Our company has naturally engaged a sustainable development approach for several years, and obtained the Bioentreprisedurable® label introduced by the Synabio.

Read our 2020 CSR Report for more details.

The purpose of this approach is to formalize the sustainable development approach within the company, to improve existing practices at the economic, social and ecological levels. It allows downstream companies in the organic sector, and in particular VSEs and SMEs, to discover sustainable development as a tool for performance, cohesion and communication. It helps them formalize and deploy their CSR strategy and structure their commitments, which go well beyond simple compliance with regulations, on the basis of precise, objective and measurable criteria, evaluated each year during a third-party audit in a continuous improvement process.

The CSR policy we have put in place is based on 4 pillars:

  • To offer our consumers healthy and tasty products
  • Minimize the impact of our activity on nature
  • To provide our teams with a framework and a work atmosphere where everyone feels good
  • Develop sustainable growth and maintain relationships with its partners based on trust and transparency

The modernization of production tools has also led to a clear improvement in working conditions (less noise and less hardship). Indeed, each investment in production tools is designed to improve the working environment of employees as much as possible. In 2014, Naturgie completed insulation work that reduced energy consumption by 20%. In 2018, the creation of a closed circuit at the cooking machines resulted in 85% water savings and the facilities that had an environmental impact with greenhouse gases were 100% removed.

Packaging recycling

Always concerned about the effects of our production on the planet, we use packaging with the lowest possible impact:

  • 100% recyclable glass jars
  • the lightest possible jars, to minimize the weight of the glass/content ratio
  • recycled paper labels, especially for the Saveurs & Fruits range
  • recycled cardboard packaging
— Our certifications
AB certification

The products manufactured and distributed by Naturgie are certified Organic Agriculture.

logo-ab-2The AB certification label, like the European organic logo, identifies products that are 100% organic or contain at least 95% organic agricultural products in the case of processed products.

IFS certification

Since 2010, our manufacturing facility is IFS certified.

IFS_Food_Box_RGB1The IFS Food is a GFSI-recognized standard for auditing the quality and safety of processes and products of food companies. It applies to food processing or packaging companies of raw products.

— Our brands
Saveurs et Fruits “Gourmet”, organic food combined with a gourmet touch

50 years of jam-making expertise

A long fruit tradition has allowed our production workshop, established in the southwest of France for 50 years, to create numerous products based on the finest fruits. Committed to quality and uncompromising expertise, we use a specific manufacturing method: vacuum cooking at low temperature. This soft cooking method preserves the organoleptic qualities of fruits and vegetables: texture, taste & flavour.

Discover our organic ranges dedicated to gastronomy and creativity:


100% French jams

Our 250g jams are made from fruit and beet sugar exclusively from France, for a naturally preserved taste. It is the widest range of French fruit jams as it is composed of 25 recipes. Find the great classics: apricot, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant … for a fresh start!


Traditional jams

Available in 320g and 660g formats, these ranges are intended for the serious jam eaters. They are cooked under vacuum at low temperature to preserve the qualities of each fruit. There are 13 recipes in 320g and 7 in 660g. Your family breakfasts will be convivial and tasty!


Chutneys and jams for cheese

Chutneys are made with fruits or vegetables and are cooked in cane sugar with spices, wine or vinegar and herbs. They accompany meats, fish, foie gras or cheeses, season vegetables and salads, spice up a pie crust or stuffing, or on a toast as an appetizer.

Cheese jams have been created for the pleasure of the taste buds and cheese lovers. These products are the result of a long development in order to offer you the perfect harmony between our fruits and the cheeses which compose the trays.

Saveurs et Fruits “Nutrition”, a expertise combining organic and nutrition

Saveurs et Fruits Nutrition offers a wide range of products with an optimized Glycemic Index (GI).


100% fruit preparation and 100% fruit from France

A wide range of organic fruit preparations from the French supply chain. Fruits of French origin, concentrated fruit juice, lemon juice and fruit pectin. Selection of the best fruits of the French regions for unique flavors.


100% fruit preparations

The widest range of organic fruit preparations on the market. Fruit, concentrated fruit juice, lemon juice and fruit pectin. Implementation of more than 1kg of fruits to elaborate 1 jar of 310g.


...And other ranges of dietary products

Superfruit preparations, Agen prunes, apple purées, syrups, bread making…

— Our distributions
  • logo-biscovit


    Biscovit waffles are made in a traditional Belgian waffle bakery specialized in the development, production and sale of organic products, fair trade and sugar-free food. Organic waffles made by hand, with spelt, chocolate, natural, fair trade or without sugar!

  • logo-cap-bio

    Cap Bio

    Specialized in the transformation of vegetables since 1946, the brand Cap Bio honors the good organic vegetables of the garden in everyday recipes. Recipes elaborated with the same artisanal expertise for 70 years. Located in the heart of Gascogne, they also favor sustainable partnerships with local producers and field crops.

  • logo-chateau-chouteau

    Château Chouteau

    Appellation : AOC Lussac St Emilion
    Wine coming from vineyards cultivated according to the Organic Agriculture or agriculture not using chemical products of synthesis. Grape varieties: 80% Merlot + 20% Cabernet.
    Tasting : Purple color. Light vanilla nose and fruits that we find better in mouth where it expresses, with amplitude, the power of its matter in reserve. Sumptuous pleasures in perspective for this classic of the organic at an attractive price.
    Optimal tasting : 8 years
    Preferred dishes: These wines go beautifully with red meat, poultry, game and cheese.

  • logo-chateau-cayrou

    Château du Cayrou

    The Château du Cayrou is a family-run business of 15 hectares located in the heart of the Cahors appellation. The 17th century château and its park, planted in 1856, nestled in the confines of a meander of the Lot, make it one of the most beautiful wine-producing properties in the appellation. Cayrou means pebbles. The important presence of these pebbles makes the soil very draining. It is this characteristic of the soil which allows to have grapes with an excellent maturity conferring to the tannins a great smoothness. Converted to organic farming in 2009.

  • logo-morillon

    Château Morillon

    To make excellent wines, you need excellent grapes, which can only be achieved through organic farming; for this reason, Château Morillon began the complete conversion of the estate to organic farming in 2004. In 2007, after 3 years of conversion, the estate obtained the “Bio” certification.

    In 2010, the farm grows to 20 ha. In 2011, the buildings are refurbished to house a second winery, it consists of stainless steel tanks with thermal regulation, with a capacity of 1500 hl, with temperature control system more favorable to the development of wines. A barrel cellar with a capacity of 100 hectoliters and a bottle cellar were also created.

    No chemicals are used at any stage of the production of Château Morillon wines. The only possible treatments of the vine are the authorized products that are copper and sulfur, and in very controlled quantities.

  • logo-saint-louis

    Château Saint Louis

    Located between Toulouse and Montauban, Château Saint Louis is part of the AOP Fronton vineyard, and IGP Comté Tolosan. This region enjoys a temperate climate ideal for the production of high quality wines.

    In application of the official European rules of organic agriculture, Château Saint Louis develops biodiversity by optimizing the natural biological balance within its entire vineyard. From the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling, each operation respects the balance of the wine.

    The wines:

    • Fronton PDO red Chêne de St Louis organic
    • Organic red Fronton PDO
    • Fronton PDO red box organic
    • Fronton PDO organic rosé
  • logo-compagnie-bretonne

    Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson

    A family history

    Since 1920 and the birth of their first family cannery, the Furic name has been closely linked to the world of fish. La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson products are the fruit of this expertise resulting from almost a century of working with fish, but also from the desire to keep this profession alive and evolving at the cutting edge of Brittany. The Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson: the expression of the best of the canning trade as seen by the Furic family.

    A commitment to quality

    From the most traditional recipes to the most modern and creative, La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson guarantees a range of top quality products.

    The Conserverie has received organic certification

    Our canned sardines are certified by Bureau Veritas, France (FR-BIO 10). Our ingredients, excluding fish, comply with the specifications of organic farming.

  • logo-conservas-ortiz

    Conservas Ortiz

    Ortiz is a fine cannery from the Spanish Basque Country, family-run since 1891. Conservas Ortiz is concerned about the future of catches and species recovery efforts. This is why it uses the traditional techniques of live bait and trolling for albacore and seine for anchovy.

    Albacore tuna is an Ortiz speciality, made by hand. They are caught by line, one by one, in the waters of the Gulf of Biscay (Cantabrian Sea) during the summer. Albacore tuna is a white tuna, bonito del norte. It is characterised by its fine flavour, smooth texture and white flesh.

    With olive oil: it enhances the flavour of the tuna and makes it soft.
    Escabeche: Typical Mediterranean sauce made with garlic and vinegar.

    A wide range of canned fish in organic olive oil (anchovies, sardines, mackerel, albacore tuna and yellowfin tuna), as well as ready-made meals and fish eggs.

  • logo-nautilus

    Côté Mer - Nautilus

    Since its creation in 1995, Nautilus has been recognised as the specialist brand for canned shellfish, and stands out in particular for its expertise in crab. With production units all over the world, the Nautilus brand is present in the heart of the fishing grounds in the regions that provide the best crabs. Authentic taste has always been a priority for Nautilus. Thanks to a rigorous selection of the best pieces and a perfect mastery of the canning process, Nautilus crabs retain their original taste and freshness. For you, it is the assurance of finding the quality of an artisanal dish associated with the safety of an industrial product.

  • logo-bru-brache2

    Domaine Bru Braché

    Located in the foothills of the Pyrenees, in the Jurançon region, Claude Loustalot took over the reins of this historic 11-hectare estate in 1994. Working organically and biodynamically, the expression of the Mansengs is at its peak.

  • logomayrac

    Domaine de Mayrac

    Domaine de Mayrac is a 42 hectare vineyard located in the south of France, in the Languedoc Roussillon region, in the Limoux appellation area, on the Haute Vallée terroir. The Mayrac vineyard is planted on deep clay-limestone soils where we have been cultivating all our vines in organic farming since 1987.

    Organic farming is one of the keys to the quality of Domaine de Mayrac wines. The principles of this type of agriculture are both simple and complex: simple because they boil down to excluding the use of synthetic chemicals and weed killers; thus guaranteeing a wine free of this type of residue, whose toxicity for humans is increasingly questioned. Complex because the phytosanitary products used to combat vine diseases are essentially copper and sulphur. The action of these fungicides is limited to a contact effect. They have an essentially preventive effect on diseases; it is therefore the increased knowledge of our vineyard and of diseases that makes it possible to anticipate the risks of a partial or total loss of harvest.

  • logo Giacobazzi

    Fattorie Giacobazzi

    FATTORIE GIACOBAZZI’s organic balsamic vinegars come exclusively from the Modena region in Italy. They are labelled as PGI: Protected Geographical Indication and for the most precious as DOP: Protected Designation of Origin. In this way, they comply very strictly with the extremely restrictive specifications imposed by the label producers in this region.

    The “FATTORIE GIACOBAZZI” factory, well known for the production of balsamic vinegar from Modena, is of course a member of the CABM (Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI) and therefore scrupulously respects the guidelines and conditions of production imposed by the CABM

    The organic balsamic vinegar “3 feuilles” has a strong and harmonious taste with a persistent finish in the mouth, its perfume is intense and full of liveliness.

  • logo-fortant

    Gaïa de Fortant

    Fortant, a pioneer in premium vintage wines, and Jean-Luc Rabanel, the first double starred organic chef and inventor of “greenstronomy” (vegetarian gastronomy), have joined forces to create unique organically grown wines that go well with vegetarian cuisine. The first vintages dedicated to organic vegetable cooking.

  • logo-graines-de-sens

    Graines de sens

    In 2015, two young farmers in Berry decided to start growing Quinoa. Today, thanks to their success and the quality of their products, they offer a whole range of organic and French seeds. Graines de sens is the desire to offer seeds that are good for your health, the environment and the local economy.

  • logo-grande-maison

    Grande Maison

    Exceptional organic wines from BERGERAC and MONBAZILLAC.

    The entire property is located on the “molasses inférieures de l’Agenais”, i.e. on carbonated clays and feldspathic micaceous sandstone. One of the particularities of the terroir is to benefit from a very important silica outcrop which gives a certain acidity to the soil. The general exposure is due south and all the plots are on more or less steep slopes.

    Since 1997 Grande Maison has been using the Biodynamic method. The work is carried out in accordance with the lunar cycles and preparations and plant purines (nettles, horsetails, ferns) are applied several times during the season. The wines of Grande Maison are all aged in oak barrels for the greatest pleasure of our palate.

  • logo-hofmark


    Our brewery is located in Loifling, 5 km south of Cham, in the Bavarian Forest and continues a brewing tradition dating back to 1590. The Hofmark Brewery has survived the centuries, thanks to the quality of the beer.

    Hofmark Organic White Beer has a cloudy appearance with yeast and amber and a stable, airy head in the glass. It has a subtle clove smell and a pleasant wheat aroma. The chest is refreshing and spicy at the same time. The palate is pleasant, surrounded by a discreet hint of hops and makes the beer a harmonious whole.

    Hofmark Organic lager has a bright golden yellow colour. Fine notes of fruity hops determine its smell. Acidic and pungent, the body builds progressively with a pleasant, sweet bitterness that gives the beer a smooth edge.

  • logo-hygiena


    HYGIENA has been focusing on the highest quality since 1955. All organic products are therefore certified with the “BLIK” organic guarantee. In addition, these products offer a fully-fledged alternative for all those who care about healthy, high-quality food.

    Our unrefined cane sugar is imported from various countries: Mauritius, Reunion, Malawi, Paraguay, Brazil and Ivory Coast. It is incorporated into all kinds of foods by many domestic and foreign companies. HYGIENA is also an important private label packer.

    HYGIENA offers a wide range of unrefined cane sugars, also in pieces or organic.

  • logoklaus


    Confiseur chocolatier since 1856 in Le Locle (Switzerland) and later in Morteau (France), Jacques Klaus, recognised as one of the pioneers of Swiss chocolate, extends the reputation of his products thanks to a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. He industrially developed his activity with a high level of quality and innovation that still makes the reputation of the brand today.

    KLAUS is the first chocolate maker to present a range of organic gourmet bars: 100% Organic and 100% Criollo. In an effort to promote the quality of cocoa and to give meaning back to the producers, KLAUS now chooses to select Criollo beans grown according to organic farming criteria.

  • logo-maku-laku


    Makulaku has been developing organic liquorice products since 1994.

    Taste has always been the guiding principle in our product development, resulting in a world of colourful and harmonious flavours, offering consumers, in addition to traditional black liquorice, a fascinating new range of flavour combinations.

    Makulaku’s main strengths are the knowledge and development of liquorice products. In 1997, Makulaku launched the world’s first organic black liquorice. In 2011, Makulaku was once again the first company to introduce a new product range including organic filled liquorice. Our aim is to continually develop new and improve old.

    Flavour is the most important thing, but the quality of our products and services is the cornerstone of everything we do. We use carefully tested, high quality natural ingredients that have been selected in collaboration with our long-term suppliers. The natural ingredients we use do not contain azo dyes.

    The liquorice workshop in Porvoo is new and environmentally friendly. Indeed, geothermal energy is used to heat the plant. We use an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and a HACCP system. The production is also certified organic.

  • logo-paradeigma


    Since 2006, Paradeigma has been designing and developing a range of delicious gluten-free products made from 100% natural, organic ingredients.

    Based on rigorously selected flours, its pasta is made fresh and artisanally without the addition of additives in the “pure Italian tradition”.

    Bronze wire drawing and low temperature drying maintain and enhance their organoleptic qualities: ideal roughness, texture, taste…

    Discover also the gluten-free and allergen-free organic cocoa and souchet spread and the 100% buckwheat flour snacks.

    They are available in 3 delicious recipes:

    • 100% corn pasta
    • pasta with rice (80%) and corn (20%)
    • Corn (60%), buckwheat (25%) and rice (15%) pasta
  • logo-turtle


    For Turtle, a better world starts at the dinner table.

    Nothing beats a good start. With a good bowl of oats for breakfast, the whole family is ready to start the day in a good mood.

    Turtle Porridge is completely organic and naturally sweet. Its ingredients are carefully grown, free of toxic substances, and packaged ecologically, without preservatives or added sugars. Rich in fibre and slow carbohydrates.

    Choose from 5 delicious organic blends that each have a positive effect on your energy, mood and cholesterol. Two of them are gluten-free, especially for people with a hypersensitive digestive system.

    Organic Turtle Porridge is the ideal basis for a great day. Enjoy it!

  • logo-vieux-truffiers

    Vieux Truffiers

    Truffle oaks require high quality soils to flourish. We have selected similar plots of land, managed organically, to create our Côtes du Rhône Vieux Truffiers Réserve.

    Grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan.

    Tasting: this beautiful ruby red Cuvée is characterized by its nose of red fruits and spices. In the mouth, the tannins are supple, supported by notes of blackberry and redcurrant. The finish is marked by spices.

    To be served with: it will go wonderfully with a rib of beef, a stew or a steak with pepper, and in 2 or 3 years its natural evolution will make it a companion for … truffles.

    Ageing: good to drink now, it will keep for 2 to 3 years, protected from light, bottle laid down.

    Recommended drinking temperature: 17/18°C

  • logo-vinao


    With a very low temperature vacuum dealcoholisation process, the Vina’O° brand offers a real innovation on the alcohol-free wine market with wines free of any trace of alcohol (0.0°). Their products are made directly from wine, not juice.

  • logo-sural

    Waïni River

    Sural (owner of the Waini River brand) is committed to sustainable development and strives to work with partners who care about their environment.

    This is the case of our producer of Wild Palm Hearts gathered by Amerindian communities in the heart of the Guyana rainforest.

    In addition to the organic certification, the products have the ECOCERT “Responsible” label according to the ESR standard and the “Climate Commitment”.