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Organic and creative chocolatier

— History of Bovetti
A great story, a hint of genius!

Valter Bovetti, chocolate maker and explorer of new lands and flavors, shares in his workshop in Terrasson-Lavilledieu, in the Périgord region, a passion behind delights appreciated in many countries.

Valter Bovetti: a lifelong passion for chocolate

Born into a family of Italian restaurateurs, Valter Bovetti developed a passion for gastronomy at an early age. After training as a pastry and cookie maker in a company, he made his dream come true by founding his own chocolate factory in the South West, near Brive la Gaillarde.

1994 : nails !

It is by making chocolate nails on a prototype machine of 20 meters long elaborated by him in his garage, that Valter Bovetti makes his dream come true and launches the Bovetti chocolate factory in Aubazine in Corrèze.

2002 : passion grows when it is shared

Eager to satisfy the curious and the gourmands, Valter Bovetti leaves Aubazine for Terrasson, where, on the same site, he creates a production workshop, opens a store and a chocolate museum.

2008: a taste for organic and ethical products

After having delighted the taste buds of young and old with, among others, its chocolate spreads and bars, Valter Bovetti has created an ORGANIC line made from an outstanding chocolate from Santo Domingo, produced both organically and through Fair Trade.

2019: the revival

In order to satisfy our customers and to welcome the 55,000 visitors each year, our production workshops have been enlarged and modernized, the museum and the store were renovated and made more spacious.

2020: the family expands

The Natimpact group acquires the Bovetti company, which will keep evolving alongside two other companies: Naturgie and Le Coq Noir

— Expertise

Bovetti is above all a team of about thirty employees who work every day to offer you high quality products made in the purest tradition of chocolate.

Unique spreads

Since 2003, they are made directly from real pure cocoa butter chocolate and 40% Italian hazelnuts. Without palm oil, it is much less high in fat and sugar than the traditional offer. It is available in dark and milk chocolate, caramel, almonds and Perigord nuts.

Exceptional bars

In addition to pure origin chocolates (Ghana, Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, St Domingue or Sao Tome), there are creative recipes in which hazelnuts and dried fruits, roasted in our workshops, are placed by hand on the bars. In 2005, Valter Bovetti created an innovative and eco-friendly case for its bars, with a cut-out that reveals the multiple aromatic elements. Today, the invention highlights more than 200 references: from the 25g bar to the 1.5kg one!

Coated chocolates that make you travel

Delicious chocolate-covered bites made in copper turbines. Nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, oranges or raisins, there is something for everyone!

… A continuously evolving range with ever more innovative creations such as aperitif chocolates: herbs and spices coated in chocolate, perfect for enhancing a meal from aperitif to dessert. They were recognized as “Sial Innovation” in 2006.

Not to mention the mendiants, the hot chocolate spoons, the chocolate bars and the chocolate boxes.

— Our commitments
The choice of quality, the search for excellence: an ethical and gourmet commitment

From raw materials…

Since the creation of his chocolate factory, Valter Bovetti has been concerned with offering the best, using only the finest raw materials and perpetuating the tradition of chocolate “à l’ancienne”. The chocolate is issued from pure cocoa beans, always produced with respect for people and the environment. In this sense, Valter Bovetti regularly visits cocoa plantations and, in 2006, sponsored two plantations in Sao Tomé (located west of Gabon and named the Chocolate Island). Moreover, in order to guarantee these commitments to you, our organic chocolate products are Fair Trade Max Havelaar labeled since 2011.

All our chocolates are also pure cocoa butter and without any added vegetable fat (like palm or coconut oil). We do not use lecithin or flavouring and all our products are gluten-free. From Espelette pepper to Guérande salt and Périgord walnuts, we work with quality products, located as close as possible to our workshops.

…to packaging

Through a recyclable packaging (cardboard box) and compostable (inner bag) our commitment to the planet manifests itself every day.

— The chocolate factory and its museum

In Terrasson, in Dordogne, come and discover on the same location our store, our chocolate museum and our production workshops.

Our chocolate museum

Valter Bovetti invites you to explore the history, geography and culture of chocolate, from its discovery by the Mayans to its arrival in Europe.

Accompanied by a guide, discover with your family the work in the plantations, the transformation of the raw material and take advantage of a glassed-in area to discover our workshops and see the production of the day.

At the end of the visits, the children make a reusable mold to take home with them. Everyone is naturally invited to taste a selection of chocolate delicacies from Bovetti.

Museum open all year
Information and reservation : 05 53 51 81 53

Our Shop

The only place in the world where you can find our entire line of chocolates!

Our team welcomes you all year long to advise you and offer you tastings in a spacious and bright setting where the decorations change with the seasons.

Store open all year

Our events

In the shop or in the chocolate museum, several events are celebrated each year: Easter, Christmas, Candlemas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, but also occasional events in the summer: La Guinguette, Bovettis by Night…

Chocolate is always a good excuse to share and have fun!

Seminars and Team Building

Strengthen your collective sense of values at the heart of the Bovetti universe. Have a room at your disposal for your company seminars and team-building sessions, visit the chocolate museum and take part in chocolate moulding or painting workshops. We can also organise private events and dinners on demand.

— Certifications

Today, in 2021, we have two labels: Ecocert and Fair Trade Max Havelaar.

The Ecocert/Organic Agriculture Europe certification and the AB label guarantee :

  • environmental and climate protection
  • soil fertility preservation
  • maintaining biodiversity
  • respect for natural cycles and animal welfare
  • no use of synthetic chemicals
  • no GMOs
  • transparency of information for the consumer

The specifications of the Fair Trade Max Havelaar label are adapted to the sectors and countries, but all are based on a common set of economic, social and ecological criteria guaranteeing sustainable development and also :

  • improved income for producers and workers
  • decent work conditions
  • respect for the environment
  • autonomy and democratic management of producer cooperatives