The Natimpact team

Renowned managers in the organic sector.

The Natimpact group was created in February 2019 by Didier Suberbielle on the one hand, and Frédéric Grünblatt and Marlène Castan on the other, partners in MCFG Invest, associated with the investment fund Triodos Organic Growth Fund.

3 key players in the organic sector in France…

portrait des dirigeants de natimpact
From left to right: Frédéric Grünblatt, Frédéric Terrisson and Didier Suberbielle

Didier Suberbielle

Chairman, founding partner

Was for 12 years President of the Nutrition & Santé Group, a leading company in organic and health food in France.

Frédéric Terrisson

General Manager

Directed the Nutrition & Santé Organic Network entity for 10 years.

Frédéric Grünblatt

Founding partner

Co-founder with Marlène Castan of Vitafrais, the leading distributor of organic products in France.

… and investors who share our vision and ambitions.


Founding shareholder – Triodos Organic Growth Fund (TOGF) is an impact fund investing in European companies that contribute to the transition towards sustainable production and consumption patterns. An evergreen fund with variable capital, TOGF has a diversified portfolio invested in ten companies in five countries.


Charente-Périgord Expansion (CPE) is the local private equity subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Charente-Périgord. CPE supports SMEs with economic activity in the Charente or Dordogne departments in their need to strengthen their equity capital. CPE invests amounts between €50K and €1,000K, alone or in co-investment, exclusively as a minority shareholder alongside the managers, and supports the innovation, internal and external growth and transmission or shareholder reclassification phases of companies.

logo grand sud ouest capital

Grand Sud-Ouest Capital is a public limited company with a capital of €43 million based in Bordeaux and owned by five Caisses Régionales of Crédit Agricole du Sud-Ouest. This investment fund, which has supported more than 200 local companies over the past 25 years, manages approximately €100 million for 65 active participations. GSO Capital invests its own funds, in a minority way, in the support of development and transfer projects and is one of the most active investors in the South West of France.